SunForce 400 Watt Wind Generator

solar wind400W 12V - Sunforce Wind Generator

400W 12V - Sunforce Wind Generator

Wind generator with maximum power of 400W and voltage rating of 12V, extremely noiseless and free from water infiltration. The turbine, whose diameter is of 46 inches, is composed of three lightweight carbon fiber blades and the body is made of cast aluminum. Inside the body is positioned a sophisticated charge controller based on microprocessor that has the function to ensure a correct and safe charging of the batteries. The output voltage is 12V. It's recommended to place the battery near the tower so you will not lose valuable energy. For increasing the battery bank capacity, simply connect more 12V batteries in parallel.

This 400 watt wind generator is able to produce electrical energy already with 8 mile-per-hour wind speed (3.58 m/s) and in case of high wind and stormy conditions, the blades slow down the speed automatically thanks to the patented high-wind over-speed technology. This keeps the unit safe and avoids possible damage to the system. This wind generator is designed and manufactured by the prestigious american company Sunforce and it's virtually maintenance free with only two moving parts. The use of Sunforce 400 watt wind generator is also recommended in hybrid systems, where, coupled with solar panels can compensate for the production of energy in those cloudy periods or storm.

Production of wind energy: Below we reported the graph of monthly energy production as a function of wind speed. In this way it is possible to know the actual energy production based on the average wind speed in the place where you installed the SunForce 400 watt wind generator.

400W Wind Generator Production

This Sunforce wind generator starts to generate energy from a 8 mph wind speed (cut-in wind speed) and with an average of 12 mph wind speed can provide an average monthly output of 38 KWh (see graph). Protection from excessive speed is ensured by a system of electromagnetic lock. The ideal location for a wind generator is 20 feet above any surrounding object within a 250-foot radius. Wind speed increases with height above ground, so a taller mast can provide significant gains in energy production. The Sunforce 400W wind generator measures 15 x 9 x 27 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 17 lbs.

Components of the Sunforce Wind Generator:

Components of the Sunforce Wind Generator

Applications: This wind generator can be used for different applications. For applications that demand the alternating current (110V AC), you will need an inverter. If the production is not enough to cover the energy requirements you can increase the number of the wind generators. Here are some practical examples of applications:

1) small dwellings
2) RV / caravan / motorhome
3) boats
4) summer apartments / mountain lodges
5) power pumps
6) isolated telecommunication systems
7) video surveillance systems
8) and much more


Rated Power 400W
Output Voltage 12-14 Volts DC
Maximum amperage 27A
Start up wind speed 7 mph (3 m/s)
Fully marine grade yes (ideal for any climate)
Battery System 12V
Charge Controller Integrated
Warranty 3 years
Manufacturer Sunforce
Dimensions (L x W x H) 25.6" x 5.7" x 9.4" (65.1cm x 14.5cm x 23.9cm)
Weight 12.0 lbs / 5.44 kg

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400W Wind Generator


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