Mppt Solar: About us and what is our Goal

solar windAbout us and what is our Goal

About us and what is our Goal

Mppt Solar is an Italian company born out of passion for electronics and love for nature and the environment. Its creator, Simone Bortignon, wanted to merge these two into creating a solid reality in the solar PV industry. It is located in Caprino Veronese, a few kilometers away from the beautiful Lake Garda (Italy) and is ready to succeed in the online market of solar and wind power products, thanks to its extremely competitive prices, the quality of its products (all CE certified and comply with Directive environmental RoHS) and the courtesy and reliability of the technical and sales office.

Collaborations & Affiliate Relationships

From its many years of experience in photovoltaics, it is opened to the major European markets and to the major retailers and distributors with very reasonable prices! Also, if you have a website and are interested in reselling MPPT Solar products becoming its affiliator, please contact our sales office. Mppt Solar energy is clean, free and renewable, for quality materials and affordable prices: these are the main reasons why MPPT Solar products are having a great success!

Free Information Service

While engaging in the marketing of quality charge controllers for solar photovoltaic and wind systems, MPPT Solar offers a free information service on renewable energy in order to help people learn about new clean technologies, to build small autonomous systems powered by renewable energy , to cut costs of energy bills and much more.

Social Commitment

Finally, MPPT Solar since 2011 supports Compassion, an International NGO Association which acts as a defender for the poor children of the third world and freeing them from their situation of spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty which they find themselves, preparing them to become mature adults, free and fulfilled.


Currently Mppt Solar does not provide consulting services and design services for renewable energy systems.

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