Best and Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in the World

solar windThe Top Solar Panel Manufacturers

The Top Solar Panel Manufacturers

Welcome on this Mppt Solar information page. Do you intend to install a photovoltaic system and want to know what are the best solar panel manufacturers operating in the market? The brands of solar panels are numerous and finding information on reliability, quality and warranties on individual panels requires disposition of time and technical knowledge on the subject. From an organization of research and information in depth, a complete and easy-to-consult list was born. In this list you will find lots of useful information, data sheets and curiosity, which will guide you in choosing the best photovoltaic solar panels for your system.

You will get a brief introduction from the manufacturing companies. There will be information on the geographical origin where it was founded, on their websites and on the year from which they produce and are present in the market. In addition to this information, you will find a brief description of each main panel, so that you can make a quick comparison between different design features and different qualitative performances. Finally, you can also compare the guarantees offered by individual producers in order to make a consistent and reliable investment over time. Here is the list of the most important manufacturers of solar panels in the world:

Manufacturer Headquarter Start of Production
Panasonic-Sanyo Japan and Malaysia 1975
Kyocera Solar Japan and Arizona (USA) 1978
SunPower California (USA) 1985
SolarWorld Germany 1988
Trina Solar China 1997
Yingli Solar China 1998
First Solar Arizona (USA) 1999
Canadian Solar Canada 2001
Suntech China 2001
LG Solar South Korea 2010

The Trina Solar Group was elected from IHS Markit as the best manufacturer of solar panels in the world in 2016.

List of the best manufacturers of solar panels

Comparative table

The best solar panels for... Manufacturer
Efficiency •   Sunpower (21,5%)
•   Panasonic-Sanyo (19,7%)
•   LG Solar (19,5%)
Power Tolerance •   Panasonic-Sanyo (0/+10%)
•   Sunpower (0/+5%)
•   LG Solar (0/+3%)
NOCT •   Sunpower (41,5°C)
•   Panasonic-Sanyo (44°C)
•   Trina Solar (44°C ± 2ºC)
Temperature coefficient •   First Solar (-0,28% / °C)
•   Panasonic-Sanyo (-0,29% / °C)
•   Sunpower (-0,30% / °C)
Product Warranty •   Sunpower (25 years)
•   Panasonic-Sanyo (15 years)
•   LG Solar (12 years)
Snow and wind load •   LG Solar (5400 e 6000 Pa)
•   Canadian Solar (4000 e 6000 Pa)
•   Suntech (3800 e 5400 Pa)
Drainage system •   Panasonic-Sanyo
•   SolarWorld
Junction Box Impermeability •   Suntech (IP68)
•   Canadian Solar (IP67)
•   LG Solar (IP67)
Compatibility with the 1500V Systems •   First Solar
•   Canadian Solar (painel Dymond)

Are there other major world manufacturers?

Certainly! Among the best world's manufacturers of solar PV panels, we can mention Jinko Solar, Sharp Solar, Motech Solar, Solsonica, Microsun, Schueco, Hanwha Q CELLS, Neo Solar Power, LDK Solar, Deutsche Cell, Bosch Solar Energy, JA Solar, Bp Solar, Risen Energy, SFCE, ReneSola, Rec Sun and Siliken.

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