Company - The MPPTSOLAR brand and its mission


The MPPTSOLAR brand and its mission

MPPTSOLAR is an Italian brand founded in 2019 by the entrepreneur Simone Bortignon with the aim of helping RV owners, navigators, designers and installers from all over the world to build safe and efficient solar power systems thanks to its line of charge controllers:

  controllers for systems up to 960W
  controllers for RVs and boats
  controllers for street lights

All MPPTSOLAR controllers are equipped with the latest MPPT technology to get the most out of solar panels. In addition, they allow remote control and are able to charge different types of batteries, including the modern lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4).

These batteries are much lighter, longer lasting, more environmentally friendly and performant than classic lead batteries.

The company is located in Caprino Veronese (Italy), a few km away from the beautiful Lake Garda, and is happy to evaluate B2B partnerships with small and large retailers, also in drop shipping mode. All products are CE marked, compliant with the RoHS environmental directive and covered by the two-year warranty.

Information Service

In addition to engaging in the trade of high efficiency MPPT charge controllers, MPPTSOLAR offers an information service to bring people closer to the world of renewable energy and help them build (or optimize) their own off grid solar power system. In fact, through the practical guides made available free of charge, you can learn to distinguish the various charge regulators, connect the batteries in series and parallel, create strings of photovoltaic panels, recognize the panels that best suit your needs, and much more.

Social Commitments

MPPTSOLAR supports Save the Children, an independent international organization that works to defend the most vulnerable children in 120 countries around the world. The goal is to give them protection, food, health care and an education by ensuring they grow up healthy, educated and safe.

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