MPPT Solar Charge Controller - 20A 12V/24V

solar wind20A Mppt Solar Charge Controller

20A Mppt Solar Charge Controller

20A 12V/24V MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER ideal for photovoltaic systems of small homes, motor homes, boats, caravans / caravans. From 10 to 30% more energy delivered than the common PWM solar charge controllers!

Description: The MPPT charge controller is a controller of high efficiency that can handle automatically and safely energy from the photovoltaic solar panel in order to load in the best way the battery storage. The management of the charge takes place through a microcontroller programmed to measure and continually read the values of the voltage and current output from the panel and through an algorithm called Hill Climbing, "chase" the maximum power point of the curve IV of the panel (MPPT). The maximum power point of any panel is in fact subject to a continuous change due to several parameters such as the temperature, the incident light, the effects of shading; controlling these parameters it's possible to arrive at a high conversion efficiency, which translates into increased production of photovoltaic electricity. Compared with the traditional PWM controller, this MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of your solar panel from 10 to 30%! If you want to know what factors influence the correct choice of the charge controller, please visit the page "How to choose a solar charge controller".

Connection Diagram:

Connection Diagram of the Mppt Solar Charge Controller

Sequence of connections: First, connect the battery to the terminals of the controller through two power cables with section equal or greater than 6mm² and a length of less than one meter. Although the controller has protection from reverse polarity, pay attention to the connections! Then wait 15-20 seconds and connect the solar panel to the terminals of the controller. The output with the symbol of the light bulb (Load) The output with the symbol of the light bulb (Load) is used to power the battery voltage loads such as for example any of the bulbs. If you use a 12V battery, the maximum load shall not exceed 240W, whereas if you use a 24V battery (or two 12V batteries in series), the maximum load shall not exceed 480W. In the case where the battery voltage drops below a certain value (safety threshold), the loads connected to the output LOAD will be disconnected automatically by the controller. In this way, the controller provides maximum protection to the battery, safeguarding it against deep discharge.


MPP voltage •   15V-100V (12V systems)
•   30V-100V (24V systems)
Open circuit voltage solar module 100V
Module current 18A
Own consumption 10mA
Controller technology MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
Set battery type Lead-acid, GEL, AGM
Automatic battery voltage recognition YES (12V/24V)
Charge current 20A
Nominal power •   240W for 12V systems
•   480W for 24V systems
Dynamic MPP efficiency 98%
Charging Process Management with microprocessor in PWM
Overtemperature and overload protection YES
Overcharge and short circuit protection (automatic load reconnection) YES
Deep discharge and reverse current protection YES
Reverse polarity protection of module, load and battery (automatic load reconnection) YES
Visual indication of battery charge status (multi-coloured LED) YES
Visual indication of start and end of charging activity YES
Dimensions (X x Y x Z) 187 x 153 x 68 mm
Weight 900 g
Manufacturer Steca Solar (Germany)
CE and RoHS compliants YES

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Mppt Solar Charge Controller


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